Licensed Real Estate Agent Karol Borycki

Buy for less. Sell for more.

As you know, I’m a Licensed Real Estate Agent. However, I work a little differently than other agents. Most agents typically serve only one market. I can help you buy or sell a home anywhere in the U.S.!

Don't get stuck with the wrong agent.

As a Relocation Specialist with Realty Connect, I belong to an nationwide network of over 25,000 top-rated agents serving every zip code in all 50 states. Instead of helping you buy or sell a home personally, I help match my clients with up to 3 great agents who specialize in your market. The best part? This is a 100% FREE service, so there is no cost, pressure or obligation! With my experience and connections, I can quickly help you find the perfect agent better than what most people are able to do on their own.

 Licensed Real Estate Agent Karol Borycki


Phone in Poland: 691 387 448

Languages: English and Polish

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